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  Outstanding fire resistance

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dot.jpg (4923 bytes)   Effective thermal insulation
dot.jpg (4923 bytes)   Superior sound absorption
dot.jpg (4923 bytes)   Attractive interior
dot.jpg (4923 bytes)   Easy installation and  
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 dot.jpg (4923 bytes)   Diverse lineup

                    FOR NON-RESIDENTIAL USE

Ceiling materials play an increasingly major role in enhancing the comfort of urban space, such as in office buildings and shops. In addition to advanced functions, such as fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound absorption and moister resistance, decorative quality is demand of ceiling materials. Daiken's lineup include the timeless best-selling Travertine - Delica patterns and three-dimensional Rib patterns, as well as many other original designs. Centering on  Excel-Tone MR., Excel-Tone, New-Tone, and Dai-Lotone, Daiken mineral acoustical materials are asbestos-free and meet all above mentioned requirements. Using our exclusive wet-felting method, mineral fibers are uniformly interwoven into a rigid non-combustible, fire protective board. Asbestos - free Daiken Lux  Securate is an inorganic material that can be used for both ceilings and walls. Daiken Superline Ceiling is a metal ceiling material available in unique designs. These mineral fiber and inorganic ceiling materials maintain balance strength and uniformity even  in large sizes and demonstrate excellent dimensional stability. Various installation system to match varying ceilings are also available, making Daiken ceiling materials the perfect choice for high-rise office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and other areas requiring high quality.

                    FOR RESIDENTIAL USE

Reliable fire resistance for safety in the event of fire and superior sound absorption to ensure a quite living environment and indispensable in residential ceiling tiles. And since such acoustical tiles are used for interiors, attractive design quality is also demanded. Daiken design tiles meet the requirements, and are available in two types: Dai-Lotone and Daiken Board. Made by forming minerals into a board, Dai-Lotone has superior thermal insulation and sound absorption properties, making it suitable for fire protective construction. A wide variety of surface designs, from classical  Travertine to contemporary Rib patterns, are available. The other type, Daiken Board, is a highly decorative acoustical tile with insulation fiber board as its substrate. Countless air pockets formed within the tile produce outstanding sound absorption and thermal insulation properties. The tiles are easily installed using adhesives and nails, or staples; some can be quickly installed by C-Bar system as well. Both types are used for a wide range of applications.


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