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A comprehensive range of tiles and panels for all suspended ceiling applications. A wide selection of products in a variety of materials, offering high  performance and design flexibility.

The main products are :

 Contour Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles                                           
 Contour Metal Ceiling Tiles & Panels

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Contour Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles, planks and boards are available in a wide range of patterns, edge details, and sizes to  satisfy the requirements of architects, designers and building owners. The range consists of compressed wet-felted mineral wool. Manufactured from natural materials without using formaldehyde, Contour tiles do not contain asbestos and are non-toxic.


Excellent properties of sound insulation, combined with high levels of fire protection are features of the Contour range. This provides both architect and owner with a building component that fulfils a functional role within the structure.

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The high quality and extensive choice of face patterns lets the designer archive a wide range of effects to suit the aesthetic requirements of individual projects. Contour  tiles are suitable for use in offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, schools, banks and similar locations. Non-standard module sizes can be manufactured to meet specific design needs.


All Contour  tiles are supplied in conjunction with Contour metal suspension systems, together with a comprehensive range of accessories for all type of applications. Various edge details allow the tiles to be used with standard or narrow exposed to tee grid, concealed zed and shiplap suspension systems.


For special situations CONTOUR HYGIENE tiles can be supplied with a special coating which resists the development of growth of bacteria. These tiles are ideal for use in hospitals, health centers, kitchens and laboratories, where high levels of hygiene are required.

An economical and effective suspended ceiling system for high humidity areas is CONTOUR HYDRA. available in a wide varieties of sizes, face patterns and edge details, Hydra can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and in countries that have naturally humid climatic conditions. 


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Contour Metal Ceiling Tiles and Panels offer specifies a durable high performance suspended ceiling with a clean & crisp appearance.


Manufactured from pre decorated steel or aluminum, CONTOUR tiles have a smooth washable easy-to-clean surface for a minimum maintenance. The tile face can be  plain, perforated, micro-perforated or made with a variety of perforated patterns, providing a high degree of design flexibility.

                    HIGH PERFORMANCE

Excellent levels of sound absorption are achieved by incorporating acoustic insulation pads in the back of the perforated tiles; depending on the construction, good sound reduction figures can also be achieved. Another important feature of Contour Metal Ceilings is their excellent fire rated performance


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CONTOUR metal tiles are designed to be installed in an exposed tee grid or concealed spring tee suspension system. Both systems offer fast, economic installation and full access to the ceiling void, as well as total demount ability.


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