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CKM is one of the leading manufacturer of metal ceilings and ceiling suspension system for interior decor in Asia. From top to major commercial building down to residential housing or simple house, CKM always offers a better way to create better space. The various types of CKM metal ceiling panel are of flexible and simple design, for multi uses enhancing areas of any shapes. The shapes of CKM metal ceiling panels are squares or rectangles. The creation of perfect atmosphere can be obtained by appropriate matching with surroundings in various dimensions and shapes. They are used  mostly as interior materials for public places like office, pools, terminals and exhibition spaces.  We  can also offer you special consultation for optional exterior uses.


              The main products of CKM  are: Clip-in system
Hook-on system
Lay-in System

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-Simple to plan for any configuration.
-Easy to assemble
-Easily hinge down individual ceiling zone at any time.

Components: Ceiling panels, Clamping rails L bar, Fixing Plates, Wall angle, and Threaded rods.


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The panels are able to be equipped with or without gaskets for  harmonic ceiling aspects.

Components: Ceiling panels, Z Profile, L bar, Gaskets, Wall angle, double L wall angle and Threaded rods.



System designation

With 24(15)mm Ceiling Suspension System(T-Bar).


Ceiling panels made of 0.5-0.6 mm thickness Hot-Dip(pre-painted) galvanized sheet or 0.5-0.8 mm thickness (pre-painted)

Exposed side powder-coated. 

Standard color RAL 9010 white. With or without perforation, with or without acoustic material.



Lay-in type ceiling consist of the following components: Ceiling panels, main runners,cross tees, wall angles, and hanger wires. 


The down lightings and conventional lighting can be used with the panels.


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