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            The main products of Daiken are : Excel-Tone MR and Excel-Tone
Daiken Board


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Mineral fiber acoustical board and tile with tag resistance. A variety of surface patterns, as well as various installation systems make it possible to produce a refined atmosphere in hotel lobbies and entrance halls of buildings.


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Dai-Lotone design tile is a non-combustible acoustical tile. Having a low specific gravity and porous structure, Dai-Lotone demonstrate extremely high thermal insulation and sound absorption performance. Being non-combustible it is highly recommended for fire resistant construction. A diverse lineup of surface designs, including the classic and timeless Travertine, contemporary three-dimensional Rib, and elegant kihin series can be used to create an attractive interior. For residential use tiles are installed mainly using adhesives, nails or staples; some can be installed by a simple C-Bar System using metal suspension.

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Bizen 450 Series

This ceiling material, with its natural look, is ideal for a variety of spaces, including foyers and hallways. It features excellent sound absorbing, humidity - absorbing/releasing and heat-insulating properties, as well as high durability. Its special resin coating ensures high stain resistance and easy of maintenance.


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